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Mignon Sandor, Dumitrița Dascălu, Daniela Popescu, Adrian Gliga, Silvia Winter, Emilio Benitez, Nina Schwarz, Martin Entling, Adrien Rusch, Elke Plaas, Silke Rascher, Christoph Hoffman, Daniel Paredes, 2019, Exploring biodiversity in Romanian vineyard to promote sustainable management and conservation of biodiversity, Conference on Soil Biota driven Ecosystem Services in European Agriculture, 22-23 octombrie, Braunschweig, Germania, poster

Paredes D, Portero A, Benitez E, Karp D, Schwarz N, Willemen L, Yang C, Entling M, Reiff JM, Kolb S, Rusch A, Tolle P, Dascalu D, Sandor M, Popescu D, Bergmann H, Rascher S, Plaas E, Hoffmann C, Möth S, Zaller JG, Winter S. (2019). SECBIVIT Scenarios for providing multiple ecosystem services and biodiversity in viticultural landscapes. I Congreso International sobre los vinos. 1-3. April 2019, Madrid, Spain, poster

Winter, S, Walzer, A, Möth, S, Entling, M, Sandor, M, Popescu D, Karp, D, Bergmann,H, Plaas, E., Benitez E, Schwarz N, Rusch A, Hoffmann C, Zaller JG, Paredes, D. (2019)Modelling in viticultural landscapes: simulating the effects of global change on biodiversity and multiple ecosystem services across Europe 27.-28. May 2019 Klosterneuburg, Austria, poster


Winter, S, Redl, M, Walzer, A, Hage-Ahmed, K, Benítez, E, Rusch, A, Hoffmann, C, Entling, M, Sandor, M, Popescu, D, Karp, D, Bergmann, H, Plaas, E, Schwarz, N, Zaller, J, Paredes, D. (2019) Participatory modelling the effects of global change on biodiversity and multiple ecosystem services in viticultural landscapes across Europe. EGU General Assembly 2019, 7-12. April 2019, Vienna, Austria, PICO Presentation